Navratri is a standout amongst the most favorable celebrations of the Hindus and is watched two times every year – September – October, and March – April.

This year Navratri will be Starting from Wednesday, 10 October and End on Thursday, 18 October 2018. In Navratri, which is the celebration of nine evenings, individuals venerate Goddess Durga.

The celebration symbolizes the triumph of good over the shades of malice that exist in us. In this way, it encourages a person to achieve a predominant condition of presence. Apart from the ceremonies of fasting, there is likewise a custom of wearing particular shades of clothing types on the nine long periods of the celebration Navratri Colours 2018.

According to the convention, the nine evenings are devoted to the nine symbols of Goddess Durga. A novel part of the love is that the icon is hung with a dress of a particular shading to symbolize a particular symbol Navratri Colour 2018. The convention of dressing in indistinguishable shading from that of the symbol has advanced throughout the years.

For the year 2018 the colors ordained for each day of Navaratri are as follows:


Navratri Colours 2018

Day Navratri Day Colour
1st Day 10th October 2018 Orange
2nd Day 11th October 2018 White
3rd Day 12th October 2018 Red
4th Day 13th October 2018 Royal Blue
5th Day 14th October 2018 Yellow
6th Day 15th October 2018 Green
7th Day 16th October 2018 Grey
8th Day 17th October 2018 Purple
9th Day 18th October 2018 Peacock Green


The shades of Navratri Colours 2018

Day 1 – Ghastasthapana –  Orange

The Goddess Durga is loved on each of the nine long stretches of the celebration with the goal that she may introduce thriving and good fortunes. The very first day of Navratri, which is called Ghastasthapana, witnesses the sacred pooja of the Goddess. The day is exceptionally propitious as it is the beginning of the celebration. The Goddess is wearing orange clothing on this day. As indicated by convention, individuals wear garments of orange shading on this day.

Day 2 – Dwitiya –  White

The second day on which Goddess Durga is Worshiped as Brahmacharini, is known as Dwitiya. On this day, individuals adore the Goddess so she offers to them liberation, and in addition flourishing. On this day individuals wear clothing types of white shading. This type of the Goddess is thought to be amazingly devout.

Day 3 – Tritiya –  Red

The third day of Navratri is known as Tritiya. On this day Goddess Durga is revered as Chandraghanta. Chandraghanta symbolizes boldness and mettle. On this day the Goddess is wearing a red saree.

Day 4 – Chaturthi –  Royal Blue

The fourth day of Navratri is known as Chaturthi and on this day Goddess Durga is loved as Kushmanda. It is trusted that as the Goddess chuckled, the universe produced. On this day, the Goddess is wearing regal blue and individuals can be seen wearing clothing that is of a similar shading.

Day 5 – Panchami –  Yellow

The fifth day of the celebration is known as Panchami. On this day, the Goddess is loved as Skandamata, the mother of Kartikeya. Individuals venerate the goddess with the goal that she may introduce peace and flourish into their home. Individuals looking for the endowments of the Goddess. Yellow is the shade of this day and aficionados ought to be wearing this shading.

Day 6 – Sashti –  Green

The Sixth day is known as Sashti. Green is the shade of the day and individuals are educated to wear clothing types with respect to this shading on Sashti. On this Day, individuals adore Goddess Durga as Katyayani. As indicated by a legend sage Katya needed to welcome the Goddess as his little girl. To satisfy the Goddess, Katya performed numerous customs. The Goddess was at last satisfied with Katya and accepting birth in his home as his girl and was known as Katyayani.

Day 7 – Saptami –  Grey

The seventh day is known as Saptami. On this day, Goddess Durga is loved as Kalratri. Kalratri, who is otherwise called Subhankari, implies a dull and dark knight. The Goddess not just shields her admirers from a wide range of inconveniences and antagonism of life, yet additionally gives them the most extreme satisfaction. Dim is the shading to wear on the seventh day that is Saptami.

Day 8 – Ashtami –  Purple

The eighth day is known as Ashtami. On this day, Goddess Durga is adored as Maha Gauri. The clothing that dedicates will wear on this day ought to be of purple shading. The Goddess refines her admirers and furthermore excuses for their transgressions. The Goddess as Maha Gauri played out a repentance with the goal that she may have Lord Shiva as her significant other. Throughout the repentance, dust amassed on her body and Lord Shiva washed it with the holy waters of the Ganga. Saraswati Mata Puja is additionally sorted out on this day.

Day 9 – Ram Navami –  Peacock Green

The ninth day is known as Navami and it is the last day of the celebration. On this day, individuals revere the Goddess as she offers to flourish on the entirety of her aficionados. Peacock Green is the shade of the day and lovers should dress in clothing that is of this shading. So as you take off to partake at night aarti or dandia rass, make sure to be wearing the shading as appointed during the current year. Glad Navaratri!


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